Well, lookie who’s here!

I’ve been writing “Notes” on Facebook for several months, and truly enjoyed the interaction. I’ve learned a couple of things.

1. When you write about your mom people share your post and — occasionally — cry.

2. Second, writing is harder than it looks. It’s like going to the dentist, except without the numbing medication.

3. People don’t think Facebook notes are “legit” blogs. To be a “legit” blog you need a domain name, son!

So I’m done with that Note life. I’m putting on my big boy bloggy pants and diving right in.

My goal?

Well, I’m kind of thinking I’d like to be like a male version of Jen Hatmaker, without all the Live Tweeting of award shows. Or maybe a Jon Acuff, with a couple hundred thousand less followers and no New York Times Bestseller (Have you read Start yet? You really should.) So I’ve copied over all my Facebook notes, uploaded a high-quality pic (thanks to photog Jenny Denbow), and narrowed my purpose. Because the truth is I don’t need to be a famous blogger. I just want to speak up about things that matter to me and (I think) matter to a lot of other people. If people who aren’t my Facebook friends can read it, all the better.

I’ll keep writing a couple times each week (feel free to subscribe, etc.) about Jesus, people, church, and other random emoting. You’ll also find a few obligatory tabs up top. Those are purposeful, though you may not care about all of them.

“Preach” is a page w/ sermons on it and some info on scoring the funky-freshest blogger on the planet to speak at your thing or deal. I don’t get to do this very often, but I do this some and that info may be helpful somewhere along the way.

“Write” shines a light on writing projects I’m up to that are more significant than the blogs. By “significant” I just mean “longer.” I’m going to try to keep the blog scroll short(ish).

“Give” outlines info about giving efforts on me and my families part. Right now I’m highlighting a couple of really cool trips I get to be a part of this year. I also hope that the future preaching and writing opportunities I am actually afforded can be turned into great giving opportunities.

My hope with all this–the preaching, the writing, and the giving–is to challenge people to think about Jesus. That’s why I’m here, and I would love to have you along for the ride. So if we’re doing life together in Texas, have done life together in Missouri, Illinois, or some other great place where we crossed paths, or if you’d like to do life together via the inter-webs, I’d love to have you follow the blog. like, share, comment, etc.

Thanks for reading. More is on the way.

And please, no snarky stuff in the comments. I’m very fragile.

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