Below are some incredibly helpful websites to know about when it comes to parenting teenagers. Click any of the images to find out more.

CPYU New Logo - 300 dpi - Medium

Tons of helpful material here! From links to books to websites to Youth Culture Updates, CPYU has it all. Bookmark this website, subscribe to everything they offer, and support this ministry. Great stuff. The best in the business.


Know before you go! Whether you are headed to the RedBox or the theater, check out the description of the movie you’re about to watch. Thoughtful, fair treatment of each film.


From CPYU, this is the most comprehensive regular tool I know of that will assist you in navigating the choppy adolescent waters. Though there is a cost to the subscription, I cannot think of a single resource which you will find more valuable. Click the image for a free sample.


I just discovered this ministry and I love it. One unique feature are the online classes they offer regarding parenting, marriage, etc. Do yourself a favor and get to know this web-based, international ministry.



Taking its name from Deuteronomy 6, this organization is bent on helping families disciple their children. Blogs, videos, and practical ideas make this a site you have to visit regularly.




Orange Parents encourages churches to take a holistic approach in discipling the next generation. This blog has unending content that is encouraging, practical, and thought-provoking.

While I may not agree with every single thing each of these sites prints, I do think they are helpful resources and a good place to start for parents looking for help. This list also appears on my church’s website.

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