When I started http://www.tituslive.com, I was afraid of a couple things:

1. I was afraid of being misunderstood. Everyone and their brother has a blog, and not all of them really contribute much to the conversation. Some are very polarizing, sarcastic, and inflammatory. Many are motivated by visions of self-grandeur. I didn’t want this.

2. I was afraid of it being pointless. A daily journal entry of what I ate for breakfast wouldn’t do much for mankind.

So I set out to focus the site on who I was. While this may teeter on narcissistic, it’s an essential ingredient in this whole effort being successful. Who am I? What am I about? What has God called me to do? Why did He put me on earth?

When it comes to calling (other than belonging to Jesus and loving and leading my family), there are just three things I feel compelled to do at a gut level: preach, write and give. All three of those things are things I loved in my youth.

Those are textbook preacher gestures right there, boys and girls.


I started preaching when I was about twelve and my preacher growing up thrust me into the pulpit for a youth night. I’ve been doing it in one way or another ever since–to students and adults in lots of different venues. I love it, and I ain’t quittin’ any time soon.




Cover art for my book, released last August. Snag a copy at Amazon.

I started writing when I was just a little guy, making up stories about the boy I wanted to be and putting them on paper. I got the itch a few years back and started doing some articles for student ministry magazines and the like. I’ve self-published two books (here’s some shameless self-promotion), and this blog site is an extension of my desire to write more.



India Prayer Card.001
Getting pretty pumped for my upcoming trip to India. Feel free to pray me through to October.


Lately, my wife and I have felt a greater calling to be as giving as possible. I’ll write more about this later, but we’ve really had some heart tugs to do more with what God has given us. So I want that to get it’s fair shake here on the site as well.




Bottom line — don’t ever think this is about me. I hope to highlight other preachers and writers and giving efforts as this thing grows. This is about shining a spotlight on Jesus and pointing others toward Him. Through preaching, writing, or giving, I don’t care how it happens.

I just want it to happen.

2 thoughts on “What Am I Doing With a Blog, Anyway?

  1. Will be praying for your trip to India. Can’t wait to hear more about that. I did not realize you had a book. Will check it out for sure. I like the cover art…” understated sophistication” I would say.

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