A few days ago, I wrote a piece about how my wife and I have decided to sell our house, reduce our monthly payments, and give that money away for Kingdom work. (If you missed it, you can read it here.) Honestly, I figured it would get read by a couple dozen people and maybe get a share or two, mostly amongst my friends and family. I didn’t really care, necessarily. I just wanted to share that bit of our life with folks and, frankly, reduce the amount of times I’d have to rehash the whole story in person.

It quickly became the most widely read blog I’ve ever posted, racking up about 2,500 views in three days. For an experienced blogger, that’s no big deal. All in a days work. But for me, it was a pretty significant milestone.

The point is not page hits, and the point isn’t house sales, and the point isn’t even how much money we’ll be able to pour into God’s Kingdom instead of our little kingdom. I wanted to write a follow-up to make sure the point was abundantly clear:

The point is Jesus.


That’s it. It’s always been about Jesus, it is about Jesus, and it will always be about Jesus. Preach, write, give is no tagline. It’s what my life is about. Every day when I get up and get to preach, write, or give is a good day. But I’m not doing it because I want to make myself look good. I preaching about Jesus. I’m writing about Jesus. I’m giving because of Jesus.

If I wrote and no one read it, it’d be about Jesus. If I wrote and made the best-seller lists, it’d still be about Jesus. If I preach to a crowd of 5 or 5,000, it’s about Jesus. If I give, it’s in the name of Jesus, not my own name. 

am excited about where my family is headed. I think God is doing some stuff in our lives we didn’t expect. I think God is about to do some crazy cool stuff in the life of our church family. And I’m hopeful that as like-minded people get together, God will do some incredible stuff in the lives of a collective who once were complete strangers. If this blog can be the glue that holds those strangers together, I think that would be amazing. My wife and I are going to be fleshing out some ideas in the next month or two, and I’ll be announcing some ways you can join us. Feel free to do so.

But more than anything, I just want to get this one thing super clear:

I don’t want my preaching, my writing, my giving, or anything else in my life to ever be about me. I want it to be about Jesus.

Thanks for reading and for loving Jesus, too.

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