Just a few thoughts & pictures from today. Please excuse any errors. I have had 3 hours sleep since I woke up Sunday morning, have no WiFi, and am typing this on my phone.


We visited numerous cultural sites today, including a tower inscribed with passages from the Quran. The site once held Hindu temples, but was overtaken and remodeled to suit its Muslim conquerors.


We also saw the bedroom of Gandhi. His housing complex was quite simple and serene. Living in simplicity, he led a nation to independence.


Next, we toured a Lotus temple of the Bahai faith. Bahai has a growing presence in India, and teaches all religions are basically the same and urges unity among them. Think the “Coexist” bumper sticker made from all the religious symbols.


Finally, we saw an arch commemorating India’s WWII veterans. Many historic sites we viewed today highlighted the freedom and diversity of this nation. But there was still a deep sense of lostness, captivity, and pain.

Maybe it was the dogs searching for scraps on the side of the road. Or the one-legged boy pounding on our van window begging for money. Or perhaps it was the knowledge that some masters (even parents) are often the ones who cut off a child’s leg so they can earn more money as beggars.

All I know is that my head hits the pillow tonight with plenty swimming around in it–not the least of which is the truth that we have only scratched the surface of India. As tourists we have been exposed to much. As missionaries, we will be challenged with much more.

One thought on “India Trip: Take Two

  1. Hang in there, Titus! Glad you are there, praying God protects & energizes. Oh, and try not to get lost or separated from the group….. Rod

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