While I try to form words for my experience meeting with the leaders of the persecuted church, I thought I would share some images from our visits thus far with the churches in New Delhi and the villages surrounding Lucknow.


More than 500 believers from 3 churches in Delhi gathered together for worship. I had the privilege of speaking to them about our hope in Christ.

We were nearly mobbed after the service with greetings and prayer requests.


A village street where we travelled to meet with Christians today. We were the first Americans these believers had seen.


The villagers sang their hearts out; smiles all around. The missionary we went with expected about 150 people. Over 400 greeted us with a huge tent, banners, and warmth. Many touched our feet out of respect.


Our hosts for the day. When these folks moved to the village to start a church, there were no Christians. There are now more than 200.

It is nearly indescribable how God is moving in this region. Much more to process and share soon once I get some WiFi.

4 thoughts on “India Trip: Take Three

  1. This is such an amazing opportunity!!! How do you go to such a place and not come back transformed. Praying for safety and that God keep using you to boldly spread His truth.

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