Why not change the world?

I mean, it kind of stinks, right? You’ve heard the stats:

  • Over 80% of the world lives on $10/day or less.
  • About half the world’s people live on a $2/day or less
  • 1.1 billion live without a source of clean drinking water
  • 1 billion people live on $1/day or less
  • Half of all children alive today live in poverty
  • Over 20,000 people every day die from hunger

394984_10151165495259145_99085210_nAnd on and on it goes. Humiliating, horrifying, horrible statistics that bear witness to the fact that our world is not fair. As a Christian, there are three choices: shake our fist at God, do nothing, or change the world.

Why not change the world?

Right after we moved into our new digs so we could save some money and give more (and I mean right after), my wife went to the Dominican Republic for the second time in as many years. While there she went to a village poor on resources and struggling for hope. I travelled to India and the poorest county in the United States this year. The imbalance of resources that exist in America compared to other parts of the world was startling to us. If I may be so bold, it’s also immoral. I know a lot of people who feel the same way but wonder what they can do about it.  I have a suggestion:

Why not change the world?

Last week, I told you a little bit more about what we’re thinking. Now, I’d like to let the cat completely out of the bag.

It’s time to leverage the wealth of the American church to fund global Kingdom work. We’re planning to do just that through a new nonprofit called The 25 Group.

In Matthew 25, Jesus told us to serve the “least of these.” In fact, he said what we do for the least of these (the hungry, the thirsty, the sick, the naked, the imprisoned, and the stranger) we are actually doing it for Him. We’re the sheep in that parable–living out our faith by giving to those who have little. By contrast, if we don’t do those things, we’re goats. Destined for destruction, our selfishness seals our fate. By snubbing those who have little, we’re actually snubbing Jesus.

I want to be a sheep, not a goat.

The 25 Group is a 501(c)3 charity whose sole purpose is to fund ministries which are seeking to do all these things. Utilizing a crowd funding strategy, we’ll accumulate individual donations and turn those into substantial gifts to ministries who have a calling, a vision, and a strategy but lack funding. It’s a way for all of us to give a little so we can accomplish a lot. If just 1,000 people would commit to giving $25/month (something every single person reading these words can afford), we would give away $300,000 every year.


The 25 Group is happening, and it’s happening soon. We will start accepting donations on January 1, 2014. You will be able to give online, via text, or through your own online banking. There is no shortage of great nonprofits out there. You may give to some of them. Our family does. Still, lots of ministries lack funding to accomplish their mission. They spend a disproportionate amount of time trying to raise money–a pursuit that takes them away from doing ministry on the front lines. The 25 Group will specialize in funding these ministries. The more resources we take in, the more organizations we can help. This is not a one-time deal. We plan to be around for a while, and help more and more missions as funding allows.

A couple clarifications:

1. We are not leaving our ministry at Current, not by a long shot. We love it here and look forward to partnering with the people of Katy, Texas for years to come. This new effort will be pretty streamlined. Though it will take up extra time it will not interfere with our ongoing ministry with the local church.

2. We have never started a nonprofit before, but we’re being helped a ton by advisors and a Board of Directors has been assembled and we’re doing this the right way. You can trust your donations will be well and wisely spent.

3. Sorry if we made anyone think we were pregnant or moving in the ramp up to this thing…neither is true!

4. We can’t do this alone, and the more people that join with us the bigger impact we’ll make.

Join us by spreading the word. Share this post with friends and family and invite them to get on board too. Stay in touch on this blog over the next few weeks as we roll out more info. Head over to Facebook and like our page. Think about what you could give to the cause, and dream about how–when it’s combined with other people’s gifts–it could feed the hungry, help the sick, bring clean drinking water to those who are thirsty, and more. Think about the impact we could make if we link arms and go at this together.

We really could change the world.

Hey…why not?

9 thoughts on “Why Not Change the World?

  1. This is awesome Titus. I praise God for what he’s doing in your heart and now through your hands! We in the American church are wealthy (praise God), but we’re being wealthy poorly (boo Us). Thanks for being an example of living sacrificially!

  2. I had a lot of guesses…that you guys were adopting, opening a clinic in the DR, giving away all your Christmas gift spending money to a nonprofit 🙂 This sounds like a great idea…have you guys determined yet which ministries you’ll fund or is that in the works? Would you be seeking private grant funding as a 501(c)3 or purely individual donations? Looking forward to learning more!

  3. I suggest you post the criteria for inclusion in your distribution of resources and the value added by the 25 group. Otherwise, it could become just another layer in the NGO funding stream that will reduce the total amount of resources which are available. If it operates without being a burden on the money it takes in, then this concept could be a great value add. Our Godshub.com operates this way. We take no funding to actually provide the value we give our readers.

  4. Great idea!!! However, that is the same thing that IDES does…. NFP, 100% of donation goes to needy, disaster areas , etc. Do well !!

  5. First….I just KNEW y’all were adopting. Second…do you know how honored I am to know y’all? Third, who cares if this has been done a thousands times over, that just means a thousand times over people are trying to make a difference. Fourth, I’M ALL IN!

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