By clicking on the pic below, you can join a growing movement of givers in The 25 Group’s first-ever #giveblitz. We’re going to do it every single month on the 25th (see what we did there?) in our quest to get 100,000 people to give a dollar to a great cause.

Your buck will get put on the pile with other bucks and eventually be enough to do some crazy stuff–stuff we’re working on here and here. But those projects are just the beginning. We want to be about transforming generosity together–changing the way people give and changing the lives of those we give to.

You can explore this blog for more info about our little startup nonprofit. We’re glad to have you along and believe that when a lot of people give a little we can together do a lot. Help us out and share this link with someone else you know and watch the #giveblitz grow. We’ll announce our total money raised on Monday right here.

Thanks for giving



If you’re not comfortable with the online giving thing, you can always mail your donation to:

The 25 Group

1251 Pin Oak Rd

Suite 131-212

Katy TX 77494

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