On Saturday, The 25 Group hosted its first ever 24 hour-long giving campaign. While the meat-and-potatoes of our nonprofit will probably always be monthly givers of $25, we thought we’d experiment with another giving opportunity.

How many people can we get to give us $1?

I mean, it’s just a dollar, right? But if we could inspire hundreds…thousands…hundreds of thousands of people to chip in a buck, it goes from chump change to significant cash real fast.

So I scheduled some tweets and wrote a blog and put it out there. No real push or effort. Kind of a BETA test. In fact, I was out of town the entire day. Still, it was an effective effort for the first time out of the gate.

1. We more than doubled our total of online givers–from 22 before Saturday to 48 now.

2. We collected $324 in mostly small donations ($10 or less).

3. More than 18 people shared the blog link. It’s impossible to track how far tweets and Facebook shares went. But there was definite engagement.

4. We did as much awareness work as we did actual fundraising. Especially as a start-up nonprofit, receiving this kind of publicity is as essential as receiving actual funds.

Slowly but surely (which is the best way to build something like this), we are gathering resources with which we are going to be able to make a significant impact. It’s our vision to leverage the wealth in the American church to fund global Kingdom work. We want to be about transforming generosity together. We’re doing that, $1 at a time.

We’ll see you on February 25th for the next #giveblitz, but in the mean time:

Follow us on Twitter

LIke us on Facebook

Help us spread the word, and get ready to give again on February 25 and every 25th after that.

Thanks for giving.


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