For any parent of a teenager, teacher of adolescents, or anyone involved in the lives of young men and women, I’ve tried to curate a few of the best links I’ve run across lately regarding teen culture, parenting, etc. Take a few minutes and click through these practical pieces of advice from some of our country’s leading thinkers on the subject.


Seriously, is awesome! Straightforward, practical, insightful — there’s always some great stuff here. Click on the link or the image and you’ll see what I mean. The linked article is a fantastic take on teens, technology, and communication. Take five minutes and read up on some great stuff!


I don’t know a ton about this website, but I ran across this article and had to share it. Parents are famous for shouting, for discipline, for “tough love.” But grace has a HUGE role in the parenting of teenagers. As Christ-followers, centering in on love and grace at times when we want to flip our lids is an important skill to master. Click the pic above for this game-changing piece of advice.


The hits just keep on coming from one of my fave bloggers, Adam McLane. I don’t agree with his take on every subject, but he consistently offers up info I want to know. This article I’ve linked is no exception–he takes a look at teenager’s online sharing with a cool infograph from the Pew Research Center. Check it out. You might be surprised by a thing or two.

orange-parents_619x354Orange Parents is a great resource for any parent who wants to partner with the local church to disciple their kids. Their website has a treasure trove of resources, and their Twitter feed

ain’t so bad, either. If you are a parent and you haven’t yet, you need to get to know this fantastic organization.

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