Lots of great stuff in this week’s can’t-miss links. Click on any of the images to visit the websites.1654

I don’t know of a better one-stop shop for all things youth culture. I love CPYU, and use it often in my student ministry to do research, track trends, or provide parents with helpful resources. Sign up on their website to receive weekly updates and benefit from their more than two decades of experience.

headerDave Stone is best-known for his role as senior pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky. Dave’s moonlighting gig as an author and expert on all things the family is a huge contribution to the family ministry discussion. His website has numerous helpful resources for free and for purchase. I personally recommend his books as among the most down-to-earth, readable, practical insights I’ve ever consumed on the subject–and I’ve consumed much.


This is a great take from a former student minister on what every youth minister wishes parents knew. I’d encourage you to give it a read and think through your relationship with your son or daughter’s student pastor.


One more…this from Understanding Teenagers. This is 10 for the price of 1, as UT posts their top 10 blogs for parenting teeangers. Though not necessarily faith-based, still a lot of practical help here. Note: I don’t have extensive experience with all these blogs and can’t vouch for everything they say. I do know this is a good resource for anyone looking to receive practical help on parenting during adolescence. 

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