Once a week I attempt to curate the most helpful links I ran across in the past seven days. If you are a parent or otherwise work with teenagers, take a few minutes to rummage around these stories and reports by clicking on any of the images below.


The USA Today publishes an insightful report from the American Physiological Association on stress in teenagers. This is a must-read and explains a lot about the state of today’s kids.


You’re not raising a child, you are raising an adult. This podcast from Orange is about five minutes long and is helpful in your helping your son or daughter live out their story.

111214084250_time-magazine-logo1The American Dream may be on life-support. At least to a growing number of teens it is–and they’re okay with it. Read this Time magazine article about how priorities are shifting in the hearts and minds of young people. Perhaps it will give you an inside peek at your son or daughter’s brain as they talk about their future.

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