The average person sends and receives about 2,000 text messages in a month. I want to challenge you to tithe your texts.

Actually, you don’t have to tithe your texts.

Okay, really…I’m just going to ask you for one text. That’s like a tithe of a tithe. Once a month, would you be willing to send a (singular) text message to us at The 25 Group?

The 25 Group recently rolled out text message giving as another option for making donations. It’s by far the easiest way to give, and anyone with a phone and a credit card can do it.

1. Send a textphone_icon

Just open up your texts, input a donation (literally just type “25”) and send it to 314-287-5510.

2. Follow the prompts to input payment info

Within a few seconds you’ll get a response that asks for your basic info. You will only have to put this info in the first time you text a donation.

3. Repeat as often as you’d like

Put an alarm on your phone that reminds you to give. Monthly would be awesome. Perhaps you’d rather do a smaller amount every week. Whatever you decide, just type in an amount and send it to the number listed above. No prompts this time, just instant participation in The 25 Group.

4. Get creative!

Maybe you could forward our number on to your address book–friends, business colleagues, etc.–along with a personal invite to join in. The texting feature is also a great tool to utilize on our monthly #giveblitz–a social media effort to get as many people as possible to give $1. Or think of something else. I bet you’re a really smart person. Turn your mobile device into a fund-generating machine.

We’ve got projects in India and the Dominican Republic being funded. If you want to direct friends to a web link for more info, direct them to

Thanks for giving!

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