Every week I attempt to curate some of the best links from the week to pass on to parents and student ministers and others who are concerned about youth culture, technology, etc. This week’s links include a full-length documentary from the folks at PBS’s Frontline about social media, Facebook as a lousy crisis counselor, and more. Click on any of the images for links to the content, and share it with anyone you know who lives or works with teenagers.

4975c49e44a551730b3207f97cae2bbdI was glued to the television for this documentary. I beg you to take an hour and watch it. Going a layer deeper than the how and what of online social behavior, this content asks the question of why. Additionally, it explores how this behavior is not happening by accident, rather, it’s influenced by media companies who are trying to use students as a free marketing platform to sell their products. It’s working.

facebook button-logoIn the category of “I totally was thinking that but never could quite put it into words,” this blog takes on the tough topic of social media conversations that occur after a crisis or controversy. So much of online dialogue is unhealthy, and stuff we’d never say in person to another human being. Take a few minutes and read this article about how Facebook doesn’t make the best crisis counselor.

adam_mclane While we’re on the tech topic, here’s a challenging post from Adam McLane on whether or not the use of technology damages social skills. You may need to read this one twice, because most will react during the first scan of his material. Adam challenges some common assumptions in a reasonable way.


forbes com logoFinally, this from Forbes. Is it possible that you are crippling your child’s development with these seven behaviors. Though not written from a faith-based perspective, there is some invaluable insight in this article about how parents sometimes hurt their kids form developing into the leaders they are destined to be.

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