Here’s our weekly collection of (hopefully) helpful links as you seek to do life with a teenager you care about. Click on any of the images to link to practical insight on the topics summarized below. All image credit is from the organizations linked unless otherwise noted below the photo.


The above image will link to a fantastic article that covers some of the scariness that comes from having relationships with teenagers. Though it’s aimed at small group leaders, it is super helpful for parents as well. There are ten practical tips for having tough talks with students who struggle with identity, truth, belonging, etc. Definitely worth a read for anyone who works with teenagers.



I discovered an incredible app this past week that you may have already heard of (try as a might, I’m not always on the cutting edge). It’s from the Family Ministry specialists at Orange Parents. Available on the Google Play store as well as on iTunes for your Apple devices, the app counts down the weeks, days, hours, minutes, and seconds until your son or daughter graduates from high school. Meant to inspire you to live more intentionally, this is an app that every mom and dad should throw on their smart phone as a constant reminder of the huge responsibility that it is to be a mom or dad.



Whether you work with teenagers or are a mom or dad to one, you likely have noticed that stress in adolescents is on the rise. This great article points to four ways you can be helpful to those stressed-out students in your lives from well-respected Dr. Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute.



(photo cred to The New Yorker)

And this on cyber slang common among teenagers. Make no mistake, the way students abbreviate when texting is not standard across the board. It varies by geography, age, and preferences. And students can agree on their own code between friends sometimes, too. But you may learn something by watching this video…and you may not like what it is you learn.

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