Here’s this week’s edition of our can’t-miss links for parents (or anyone else who does life with teenagers). Click on any of the images after reading the summaries to glean insight from the original sources of the content.

Among the helpful links I ran across this week is this one on the transition for any high school graduate to college. While this article is certainly insightful, I share it so you might grow more familiar with the good folks of CPYU and this initiative and benefit from that awareness in an ongoing way.


A great article from Orange Parents follows, in which the author maintains that the parent remains the number one way for a son or daughter to see God. Inspiring stuff!



One last link to share from the Pew Research Center. While the content is centered on the realities facing Millennials (those who are currently 18 to 33 years old) much of what is said could easily be applied to the generation coming behind them. As “digital natives” the younger generations do life differently than middle and older adults. This study exposes some truths about youth culture you may not have thought about before.




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