In this weeks edition of the Can’t Miss Links, we take a close look at adolescent development. The first link is from student pastor Chris Nelson of First Christian Church of Florissant. He addresses exactly what is going on in these developmental stages with plain english and a lot of helpful tips. Just click on the image to read what he has to say.

(Photo credit to the linked blog)pread

Increasingly, we are looking for ways to specialize in ministry based on developmental stages. The following video features sociologist and youth culture expert Chap Clark discussing how to effectively engage students as they transition through these developmental stages. Brought to us by the fine folks at Youth Specialties.

Last but not least, a short-but-sweet article from Global Post on the importance of a parent’s involvement in all this. It also identifies three key ways the relationship between students and parents. Though not faith-based, this is helpful info if you are a parent of an adolescent. Just click on the image for this content.

(Photo Credit to Global Post)


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