The little girl my wife is holding in this picture is named Arianni. She lives in a place called The Hole in Santiago, Dominican Republic. The Hole used to be a trash dump. It’s a village now, but much of the trash is still there, too. Hundreds of people live here, scratching out a living day by day.

Arianni is physically disabled. The good folks at G.O. Ministries have helped pay for necessary surgeries. Arianni also benefits from the presence of a Nutrition Center in The Hole–she gets one hot meal at the center every day, six days a week. It’s more than some of her friends get.

Our nonprofit (The 25 Group) is helping to fund a Nutrition Center in another village. Kids just like Arianni are benefitting from the hot meal they get there. The money that you donate today goes toward feeding hungry kids in the Dominican Republic. It’s also providing crucial vitamin supplements to all 11 of G.O.’s Nutrition Centers, including the one in The Hole. The dollar you donate could purchase a vitamin that Arianni will someday benefit from.


I don’t know the name of the girl in this photograph. I don’t know much about her story, either.

What I do know is that she was standing outside her house when I snapped this photograph. Yes, that tarp-covered, makeshift structure is her house. She lives there with her entire family. I remember seeing a mother and father. I’m sure there’s a sibling or two in the mix. I wonder–is that dish inside her family’s only dish? Is she 2 or 3? What is she thinking as she gazes down at the mud?

Can you put yourself in her position? See life through her eyes? Stare downward at the mud. Go inside your home. Eat from your dish.

The people in her village are low caste, untouchables, outcast from society in India. The village is home to a few hundred people just like this little girl. Ignored by so many. Considered so worthless. Without hope in this world, by the world’s standards anyway, they struggle to survive. Formerly a criminal tribe, they’ve all turned to Jesus. A cross of red paint adorns each house.

Even the tents.

This child lives in the very village where the money you donate today (all we’re asking is for $1 and a Facebook or Twitter shout-out) will fund the construction of a school, nutrition center, and a clean water well. The well is already being dug with the money we’ve already sent, but our commitment has not been met. CICM is a dynamic ministry putting a dent in the universe of so many in India.

Why don’t you jump in for $1, and then share this post to inspire other people to do the same. Let’s help these organizations that have boots on the ground do what they do. Not for your sake so that you can pat yourself on the back and feel good. Not for my sake so I can say, “Look what we’ve done!”

giveblitz.001But for God’s sake.

He’s the one who said, “Whatever you do for the least of these…you do it for me.” (Matthew 25:40) We’re doing this for God’s sake. In feeding the hungry and giving the thirsty clean water to drink we’re doing something for God’s sake, in His name. For Arianni and her family, for this cute, nameless face exploring outsider her family’s tent. For the hundreds of villagers in the Dominican Republic, in India, and in so many places around the world.  We’re doing it for them, in Jesus name. Just like Jesus told us to do in Matthew 25–for the hungry and the thirsty and the naked and the stranger and the sick and the imprisoned.

For God’s sake, would you consider giving?

Join us. Share this post using any of the buttons below. And join us today as we participate in our social media campaign #giveblitz. Just click on the icon to the right to donate.

Thanks for giving.


2 thoughts on “For God’s Sake

  1. Last Christmas, I had Christmas dinner in campo. It was a lovely invitation and though they did have some plates, there was not enough flatware to go around. Finger food!

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