To start this week’s Can’t Miss Links for parents, a great blog that poses a really interesting question–should parents force their kids to go to church. The author’s opinion is clear, and as a reader we can read this and challenge ourselves with the same question.

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I’ve been thinking a LOT lately about the transition from high school to high school and what obligation the church has to students we’re sending out into a new phase of life. Really helpful in all that the College Transition Initiative from the wonderful people at CPYU. This link will take you to an insightful interview with author Dr. Tim Clydesdale. Worth the read for any parent who is thinking through life with their teenager after graduation.

(Photo credit CPYU)

college_initiative  _______________________________

I love this linked article from a new source I discovered called YPulse. They keep track of youth culture through the lens of marketing and media. As it turns out, the infographic shows that our kids may get more about fame and celebrity than we think…and they don’t necessary aspire to it themselves.

(Photo credit to YPulse)


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