Dear Everyone,

I wanted to write and tell you about all the cool stuff going on in the Dominican Republic. I’ve only been here one day, but I miss you all already. Kinda like a kid at camp writing back home…

I’ve been on hard mission trips. From what I can tell this isn’t going to be one of them. Unless I accidentally get a stomach full of their death water on accident and wind up running to the bathroom, in which case it will be the worst. Otherwise I think I’m going to sleep, eat, and teach — which happen to be three of my favorite things.

Here’s some stuff I’ve done so far:

  • I taught on Calvinism & Arminianism, which are hard enough to teach in English to English speakers. I taught it in English to Spanish speakers. Thankful for translators.

    I totally see it, don't you? Photo Cred:
    I totally see it, don’t you?
    Photo Cred:
  • Today — for the first and last time ever — I got compared to Ryan Gosling. A student pulled up a pic online and showed me the striking similarity. I at once completely disagreed and was flattered. I gave him an
    A in the class. And bonus points.
  • I also got mistaken for a real-life Dominican. Fortunately I understood the phrase, “Are you Dominican?” and “no” is the same in English and Spanish, so it wasn’t too awkward.
  • I am presently enjoying the warm breeze of the Caribbean air from a balcony overlooking a quiet street in Santiago. Because teaching and being confused for Ryan Gosling is a hard job and I’m just tired from it.
  • G.O. Ministries is killing it in this town (and elsewhere, too). Lots of growth since I was here nine years ago. The school is bigger, there are more churches and nutrition centers and staff members and believers and they’re building a medical center and it’s just nuts.
  • I have eaten garlicky chicken for every meal. I like garlicky chicken, so no big deal. I didn’t have it for breakfast, but that’s only because I don’t eat breakfast. Instead, I had chocolatey coffee. That’s right, chocolatey coffee. Be jealous.
  • I’m staying with a family who has twin daughters that shouldn’t be alive. One of my translators today is a former dope slinger from Jersey City, New Jersey.
  • One of the guys in my class learned how to play baseball from the same guy who taught Oscar Tavares and Carlos Martinez how to play baseball. If you don’t know anything about the St. Louis Cardinals, then you probably don’t care. But I think that’s pretty cool.
  • Using modern wonders of technology I’ll be enjoying the National Championship game tonight from the DR, probably with some more garlicky chicken.

Looking forward to the rest of the week. More teaching, more awesome God stuff, more cool culture. Will try to write every day or so.

Yours Truly,

Dominican Ryan Gosling

2 thoughts on “What Do Garlicky Chicken, Ryan Gosling & Jesus Have in Common?

  1. Classic mixture of ministry, humor, and culinary talk. Classic Titus J. Oh, and fantasy, too, with the Ryan Gosling thing. Looking forward to future posts!

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy reading your trip posts. They’re truly exciting to read. Keep them coming! By the way, can you teach on Calvinism vs. Arminianism at Current too? Praying for God’s blessing on your trip

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