This morning I had the privilege to share with the staff of G.O. Ministries. I spoke briefly from the Book of Nehemiah and then enjoyed listening as they went around the room and gave updates on their various areas of oversight. The people there were Americans who have felt called by God to move to the Dominican Republic and serve Jesus. Partnering with locals, that’s exactly what they’re doing.

Boy, are they doing it.

I don’t know what your image of a mission organization is. It can be hard to describe. Even when you see it in action, it can be hard to grasp, especially when their influence is so vast. At risk of oversimplifying, I wanted to share with you about the incredible things going on on this island. When I say, “G.O. Ministries,” this is what I’m talking about.


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I’m talking about a 30 year old effort that started as and continues to be defined by partnerships. It is the American church serving alongside the local churches. The goal is mutual transformation. It’s a beautiful thing to see in action.

Here’s what I heard about this morning and have been encouraged by seeing first hand this week:

  • Leadership Training is happening in a big way. It has been my honor (and a lot of fun) to partner with the Seminary of the Americas here. More than 30 students are enrolled in classes, receiving theological and practical ministry training. I think this thing is poised for explosive growth. There’s a huge need and they are going about it the right way. I could see the seminary fueling continued church planting for decades, and exponentially. Speaking of church planting…
  • Church Planting is really the heartbeat of this ministry. There are 34 churches that benefit from G.O.’s ministry on the island. This includes churches in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, as well as Haitian churches in the Dominican Republic, as well as Haitian churches in the bateys, which are sugarcane-field communities where Haitians come to work. These local churches are paired with supporting North American churches and partnerships are built for that mutual transformation stuff I was talking about earlier.
  • Medical Ministry serves all aspects of the ministry as well as the community in general. A clinic is open every afternoon at minimal cost. While patients wait to receive services they view the Jesus film and other helpful community health videos. When I was here nine years ago they even took a nail out of a clumsy, curly headed 23 year old’s right foot.
  • Nutrition Centers exist in eleven locations across the Dominican and Haiti. They feed about 1,000 kids a hot meal a day six days a week. They also provide important vitamin supplements to the children. That’s about 325,000 vitamins each year.

I haven’t even mentioned the sports ministry or the construction work or short term trips ministry (of which they have over 80 annually). And I’m sure there are whole chunks of other efforts I’m completely forgetting. Like G.O. Kids sponsorships and the Leadership Development Complex. Or their work in the U.S. or Mongolia. And there are aspects of the ministry I’m forgetting still. It’s just that large.

It’s just that good.

So here’s the deal, if you’ve never heard about G.O. Ministries, then you need to listen up — get involved. Be a part. Do something. Drop me a line personally to ask or check out their website. It’s a good work going on here. I’m really proud that my church is coming alongside ministry here to invest in the Kingdom.

Tomorrow I meet with some pastors to do a seminar on the importance of youth ministry. I will also get a chance in the next two days to visit other aspects of the ministry, including the community of Los Perez where The 25 Group is partnering.

For today, I’m reflecting on how much is being done on this island in Jesus’ name, and I’m just thrilled to chip in on it.

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