Going out to eat tonight, so instead of writing much I thought I would share some photographs from the day. This is a beautiful place, no doubt. I snapped a few amateur photos from my phone that I thought might be worth sharing.

First, there is the view from my porch where I am staying. The first pic is of the neighboring yards, the second the street corner already blazing in the morning sun.



Then there were the goats I saw on the roof of a house across the street from the future Leadership Development Complex. No need to re-read it — there were goats on the roof. They were not pleased with our presence in their front yard. Or at least displeased that we had no tin cans to share.


And then there’s the LDC land itself, as well as the mountain view from the land itself. This place is going to be a huge lunge forward for this ministry, bringing excellence to sports ministry as well as business development initiatives and a new home to the seminary.


All those pics were taken before lunch. After our midday meal I spent a few hours with pastors talking about the importance of youth ministry and doing kind of a Youth Ministry 101 course. This is a pic of some of the students who gathered for the seminar. I was so encouraged to work with them. Lots of good questions and conversation.



Alright, off I go on a dining adventure. Apparently the place where we going features waiters dressed up like Cowboys! How can that not be awesome? I’ll be sure to tweet out a pic of that action asap. Tomorrow I get to take a little bit more of a tour of the city and the ministry and specifically of Los Perez. Thanks for reading, sharing, your care and concern while I’m away.

Can’t wait to be home, but I’m blessed to have been here.

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