Every blogger knows that you can get page views simply by writing on certain topics: homosexuality, Which Character from (Insert Movie Title) Are You?, or a strong take on Disney’s Frozen will send the readers clicking furiously to your site.

Equally important is an eye-catching, attention-grabbing, “if-you-miss-this-you-are-a-complete-loser” title. Write a good title and you will get the traffic. Just ask the Huffington Post. I resisted the temptation to make the title of this blog “Obama Overreaches by Executive Order, Shutters Hobby Lobby’s Doors” but I must admit to being slightly misleading.

This blog isn’t about gay marriage, World Vision, Miley Cyrus, or any wayward politician.

This blog will only be controversial if you think hungry people should starve, people without clean water to drink should suck it up, and kids being bought and sold like trinkets have no claim on freedom.

The 25 Group is a nonprofit community that does not believe these things. It raises money to help the hungry, thirsty, sick, etc.  If you think helping marginalized people is a hot-button issue, then this blog is downright scandalous.

Otherwise, it’s a no-brainer to join in and help.

If you’ve got 3-4 minutes, jump over to www.the25group.org. Watch the video, click on the “give now” buttons, and help us do what we do — funding initiatives which help those Jesus called the “least of these.” While we’re not stirring up controversy, we are making a big impact in the lives of many people all over the world by doing so.

Today we have a unique opportunity to do more than read and comment about a problem. We have the opportunity to start solving a problem. There’s a village in India and another in the Dominican Republic that are already benefiting from our community’s generosity. We’ve raised about $17,000 already this year as a new startup, but there’s plenty of room for more passionate people to join us.

While others rant and rave about incendiary (and, I’ll grant) important issues, here’s an immediate action point where your convictions can make a difference. Three minutes, a couple clicks, and a donation. Food for the hungry, water for the thirsty, and freedom for the captive.

Hope for all.

That may not be controversial, but there’s nothing more important.


Photo Credit: Stock Image


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