You may have heard of the recent record-setting album release by Jack White, who recorded, mastered, and put on a sale a single-track vinyl record in a little under four hours. I don’t listen to much Jack White, but I do admire his burst of creativity and the seamless execution of this quirky idea.

For the past few months, I’ve had a book idea rolling around in my brain. I sat down and punched out an outline. Then I changed it. I tried to write some but never found the time to really focus on it. Other stuff — full-time ministry, being a husband and dad, etc. — dominates my time. I just haven’t had time to sit down and write.


My last book took almost three years to complete. I mean, that included the time it took to read the whole Bible, but still. It was a long project. Frankly, the thought of taking that long to write another one is a little depressing. So I’ve just never gotten around to starting. But I’m planning to.

Only this time I’m going to write it in a week.

You read that correctly. If I can’t find time to do it a little bit here and there, then why not just jump in neck deep and knock it out in seven days? I already had a week of vacation I was planning to take. My wife is going out of town during that week of vacation. I’ll have early mornings, late nights, and days when my kiddos are at school. I know what you’re thinking–this may be my dumbest idea yet (and I’ve had some dumb ones, such as worldwide recess for thirty minutes every day). I may be posting an apologetic, remorse-filled blog about my failure by Wednesday, but I’m going to at least give it the ol’ college try.

This is not a world record setting venture. Lots of folks have written books in a week or less. There’s even an eHow on the subject. But winning a race isn’t the goal. I’m not trying to break a record. Like any time I write, I want to do this because I’ve got something to say.

stock-footage--d-clock-ticking-fast-hd-loopThere’s been some stuff rolling around in my head for quite some time. When I go back and look at old blogs I can see it there, trying to peek out and whisper something to me. So I’m just going to let it out. With the clock ticking, of course.

By the first part of June there should be a book in print and Kindle for purchase. But I’m going to write it in a week–next week. The print edition will be less than ten bucks and the Kindle edition will probably be $0.99 and 100% of my share will go to The 25 Group, a nonprofit organization my wife and I started recently.

Should be fun, and it will be better if I’m not pecking away at the keyboard alone. I would love for you to follow along on Twitter or Facebook. Who knows, there might even be an opportunity for you to contribute along the way.

A crowd-sourced book written in seven days or less. What could be more fun than that? In the mean time, thanks for not laughing in my face. Feel free to mock me behind my back.

And before you ask, I’m busy next week.

2 thoughts on “My Dumbest Idea Yet

  1. I happen to think the world-wide recess idea is spot on. Maybe I’m dumb too, and that’s ok.

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