The image above contains a “social media punch to the guts.” Granted, the video it links to has been made popular by social media, but aside from that irony it’s a great take on our distraction culture–a culture that often impacts our parenting. As it turns out, it’s not just “those dad-gum kids” who are always staring at a screen. You may have missed the video, so click on CPYU’s logo above to view it.

iStock_000019632254Small_700XAt this link you can find the ten mistakes most often committed by parents. I’ve never read Jeff Strong’s stuff before, but he’s right on with this post over at his blog, Mere Disciple. Do yourself a favor and read it. Share it with your spouse. Then figure out how you’re going to live it out. If you’re a mom and up for a few more (and light-hearted) mistakes parents make, click on the awesome image above. I couldn’t resist using it. Tip of the cap to Modern Mom for the pic.


What do your students want from a church? Is that even the right question to ask? I ran across this great post recently by a veteran youth worker who give us six things to think about as you partner with the local church to see your student grow in their faith. It resonates with me and is affirmed by most everything I read these days about youth culture and student ministry. Click on this link for the six things, and then quiz your own son or daughter about what they “want.”


2 thoughts on “Can’t Miss Links for Parents 2.1

  1. I swear that there must be two of you with as much as you do, I can’t fathom how you have time to be on line and find these great links.

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