One year ago today this blog went live. My very first post was a braggadocios attempt at humor that was read by about four people, two of which were my wife and mother. The other two views were probably me, reveling in my new found internet stardom mediocrity. Since then, I’ve posted over 130 times on topics ranging from family ministry to Frozen, India to independent writing projects, baseball to Westboro Baptist.

All along, I’ve tried to stick to the subject of my three-pronged purpose in life–to preach, to write, and to give. In the past 365 days I’ve sold a house, started a nonprofit, been to India and back (though I almost didn’t make it), and thought through a whole bunch of stuff out loud that I figured other people might be thinking about too. I haven’t exactly blown up the internet, but I’ve enjoyed the interaction and do appreciate you all taking time to click and read and chime in.

There have been some interesting twists along the way. Blogging comes with certain inherent risks, it seems. I got accused of being a spiritual abuser by a commenter for my take on Frozen’s hit tune Let it Go. Writing online also has its surprising perks, too. I wrote a blog about my hometown that was read by more people than live in my home town. One blog about a minister I admire got picked up by the North American Christian Convention and they posted it in a newsletter they sent out publicizing their summer gathering.

It’s crazy, really. In the last twelve months, TitusLive has been read in 161 countries, including places I didn’t even know the locations of like the Faroe Islands, Togo, and Azerbaijan (and I’m pretty good at geography…I got third place in the Geography Bee once). It was visited in countries normally pretty off-limits to the Gospel including Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and China. The top two countries in readership are not too surprising–the United States and Canada, eh (or is it “ay”?), but that Singapore made the Top 10 was a little bit of a shocker, as was the Republic of Korea coming in 10th. I’m also apparently a big deal in the Philippines.

In the next year, there will be more blogs and sermons and links to other things like books and our nonprofit organization. I recently did a little bit of a redesign because last years template was SO 2013, and I’m also looking forward to more interaction with folks like you, because you make this a whole lot of fun.

So thanks for reading in year number one. We’re just getting this thing fired up, really. Our best days are ahead. Looking forward to continuing the conversation.

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