I am so excited to make my new book available Monday, August 18th, at 5 p.m. CST. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover, complete with a summary of its content.


Grip: Letting Loose, Digging Deep, and Taking Hold is an important book. It joins a chorus of voices nudging people toward more selfless living, voices that have impacted me and my family’s way of life significantly. It is the story of our growing commitment to generosity and a call to consider sacrifice and generosity as a better way.

This book is short, easy to read, and appropriate for all ages. Its a mixture of personal stories, challenges from Scripture, and maybe a laugh or two mixed in to keep you awake. A self-published work, it lacks polish and the backing of a professional publisher, but it does not lack conviction and sincerity. I would love it if you could snag a copy, share that you did with your friends, and write a review on Amazon when you are done. The book will be offered in Kindle and print editions, on Amazon and on this blog. It will be $16 for the paperback and $6 for the Kindle edition.

Every dime of my profits will go to The 25 Group, a nonprofit organization that helps other ministries and organizations that help the global poor. And every dollar that I make in the first week will go to help folks in Iraq, where church leaders are asking for prayer and money to help meet needs of Christians there. So rest assured I’m not benefitting personally from this at all — it’s a labor of love meant to spur on some good discussions and raise some funds for people who need it worse than I do.

So watch my personal Facebook, Twitter, and this blog to stay tuned, copy and paste links, and to help spread the news about Grip. I appreciate your support and kindness so much, and look forward to watching God use this little book to make a big impact.

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