It’s been a busy summer of youth ministry and the Can’t Miss Links have been on break. But school starts Monday and this blog will regularly be a resource for parents who want to stay in the loop regarding teen culture and student ministry issues. Click any of the images below for links to the helpful content. Image credit at the links, and a summary of the content follows each image so you can decide if it’s a topic that interests you.

texting girl.001

A majority of teens (54%) have sent or received explicit text messages by the time they turn 18. But how young do they first do so? This article from Group Magazine’s covers this troubling trend and offers some helpful questions for parents wrestling with the issue.


Though you’ll find this article on a mainstream media news outlet, the youth ministry expert it cites is one of the most reputable voices in adolescent issues of the day. Kenda Creasy Dean has a bio that reads like someone who has decades of experience and education, and her conclusion is troubling:

Most of our teenagers are not really Christians, they’re just acting like one. And churches and parents are to blame for promoting their phony lifestyles. This link is not for the faint of heart, but it may be the most important thing you read all year — no exaggeration.


Lastly, from the good folks at CPYU, a blog about sports and pressure and parenting. Sports are a good thing, but not a God thing, author Walt Mueller says. I agree. As the school year ramps up, it’s easy to let extra-curriculars get the best of your families. Let’s not forget…they’re extra. 

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