Here’s three links I ran across or was reminded of this week that I think are a can’t-miss for parents, youth workers of any variety, and student pastors. Photo credit goes to the linked organizations. Just click on an image for some helpful content. If you care about teenagers, this is a one-stop, ten minute investment in your profession and in young lives. 

Thanks for reading (and feel free to share). 
iparent-logo-stack-650x437 is [relatively] new to the scene, but is one of the finest tools I’ve come across in terms of technology management by parents for their teenagers. So much good content here, I could not link you to a particular post or page. However, a lot of parents I know have never heard of it, so it’s worth a look at their page…browse as you wish!


Parent Cue is a great website for — you guessed it — parents who want to be better at raising kids. By clicking on the icon on the right, you’ll be linked to a fantastic article about the whole point of parenting. And it’s not what you think. In fact, it’s the opposite of how so many of us sometimes parent. Remember, you’re not raising kids, but adults.


Last, a great insight into the most common forms of digital drama from Common Sense media. Good insight on what you can watch out for this school year. The content (and photo credit) go to Common Sense media, but I have to give a shout out to CPYU, an organization that you’ll find in the links often and the place I found out about Common Sense media.



2 thoughts on “Can’t Miss Links for Parents 2.5

  1. Hi, Titus! Just found this very useful and helpful information tonight and just wanted to tell you how much I am grateful to you and appreciate you sharing this with all of us parents. May you continue to always be blessed as you bless all those who know you.

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