This week’s links are a collection of resources for parents and people who work with teenagers. Click on any of  the images to interact with the content. Summary descriptions follow each image. Photo credit at the links.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for loving students!



“Affirming the gospel message with our lips but parenting on a daily basis as if it is not true will have disastrous consequences” writes the author of this fantastic post I found this week. It’s from the folks at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and it’s definitely worth your time to read.


angry-teenThis is not from a faith-based source, but I must admit it is kind of funny. And, having worked with pre-teen girls, it is also quite true! I bring you the hilarious description of the many faces of a “tweenage girl.”



And last of all, a great post from Parent Cue, an organization that is sort of awesome at helping parents find their way. Parenting can be complicated, but this post boils the whole enterprise down into five principles every mom and dad would be wise to take to heart.

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