I’m so thankful for parents and youth workers all across the country, and the opportunity we have to partner together through the complexities of the internet. I make an effort to compile a few links each week that I think will be helpful to you if you are doing life with teenagers. School teachers, parents, and student pastors will all benefit.

So take ten minutes and cozy up to this content. Photo credit at the links. Click the images to check them out. A summary is below each picture to help you select what will be most useful to you.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for loving teenagers.


Some of the apps listed above will be ones you are familiar with. Some will be ones you’ve never heard of. All of them are dangerous in the hands of a teenager who isn’t thinking about the implications of their use. Engage with your son or daughter concerning what you read at the link above. Lots of good stuff here.


This is a great article for parents, but I found insight helpful for those who get paid to work with students, too. The bottom line? We have to give weight to our words. By taking a look at six ways we can not do that, the author underscores the importance of meaning what you say. 


Ever wonder what it is your teenager isn’t saying? In this post from author Rachel Vail, we get a good look at fifteen things your adolescent might be trying to say — even if they aren’t saying it well. Mad props to Rachel Vail for this insightful piece.

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