There are about six weeks left to go in 2014. Just let that soak in.

I’m not a physicist, but I have plenty of anecdotal evidence to support the theory that time actually is moving faster. It seems like five minutes ago that my kids were too short to ride roller coasters and I didn’t have horseshoe-shaped baldness forming on top of my head. Remember the historic night when America elected it’s first black president?

That was six years ago. My son was born that year. He’s a first grader now. Sheesh. Time is ticking two seconds at a time these days, it seems.

Just one year ago, The 25 Group did not exist. Since then, we’ve raised about $40,000. We’ve funded a feeding center that feeds 70 kids a day in the Dominican Republic, we’ve installed a clean water well in India, and we’ve sent emergency relief to Iraq to help aid victims of ISIS. We are still raising money toward the school building in that same Indian village, and we’re looking to make a substantial donation to a health clinic in the DR before the year is over.

$40,000 in ten months for a new nonprofit is pretty good, but we need to finish the year strong. We’re talking to businesses, individuals, and artists to fulfill our obligations for 2014. In 2015 we’re going to start doing things locally, and we’re verbally committed to at least three other causes so far for 2015. Our ministry reach is going to grow, but we need to finish strong first.


We’ve got two months to raise the balance of the money we committed to raise this year — just about $12,000. We’ve never raised more than $5k in a single month, so this will stretch us. However, as we continue to grow and through some new partnerships I believe it is possible.

One thing that could amp this effort up is year-end gifts from individuals and businesses. Whether your business seeks to make donations before the end of the year or as an individual you’re seeking a substantial tax deduction, we’d love to talk to you.

The 25 Group is a 501(c)3 organization and over 95% of what we raise is going directly to the projects we fund. We have spent very little on overhead despite this being our first year of operation. No member of our team takes a salary. We have purchased very few marketing materials. We are determined to maximize our impact in the United States and around the world providing for the least of these.

If you or your company would be interested in making a donation, please contact me. Or just donate! It’s super easy to give, and it will help us to make the end of the year awesome. I know time isn’t actually ticking two seconds at a time, but it is moving fast. There’s still plenty of time to make your presence known and stand with us in helping to provide for our world’s most marginalized citizens.

Thanks for giving.



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