Biblical illiteracy is at an all time high, it seems. Even among church goers, knowledge about the faith’s most holy words is low. In church lobbies everywhere it is not uncommon to hear the admission, “I don’t know the Bible very well,” or “I’m no Bible scholar.”

In recent years, a quiet war has been waged against knowing the Bible. But it hasn’t happened at the hands of atheists. Rather, the importance of Bible study has taken a back seat in large part due to the prevalence of language like, “It’s not about religion; it’s about a  relationship.” And, “You don’t have to be an expert. Just be faithful. Jesus was always arguing with experts in the law.”

I get the point, and I do not think legalism or self-righteousness is something to be celebrated. But I’m stuck with this nagging question:

Can you really love Jesus if you don’t know the Bible?


Ironically enough, I’m not going to try to answer that question theologically. Instead, let me ask a few questions along a similar vein. I think you’ll hear my answer loud and clear:

  • Can you love your spouse without ever talking to them?
  • Can you be best friends with someone without knowing their story?
  • Can you understand complex mathematics without ever memorizing your multiplication tables?
  • Can you survive without ever eating healthy meals?
  • Can you serve at your job well if you have never had a face-to-face encounter with your boss?

The truth is, all of those things are probably possible. But none of those things is optimal. Faithfulness to a spouse you never interact with is doable, but it does not make an ideal marriage. You can eat Doritos and drink Mountain Dew every day, and you my survive, but you’re not going to feel the best. You can be devoted to a boss you’ve never met, but the likelihood that you’re going to go astray at some point is high.

Can you really love Jesus if you don’t know the Bible?

I suppose so, but I definitely would not recommend it. Now get off my blog and go read a chapter of Scripture.

6 thoughts on “Can You Really Love Jesus Without Knowing the Bible?

  1. All your blogs are good, relevant, and worth the time to read…. but this one was ESPECIALLY dandy! And I don’t have a biased bone in my skinny body!!!

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