Imagine for a moment that you live in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya. You are a single mother, perhaps, and have three children. Money is scarce. Hope is hard to find. You wonder how you’ll earn a living, feed your kids, or pay for medical expenses.

The solutions to your problems aren’t difficult to concieve. You need a job. Your kids need school. You need protection from mosquitos that carry malaria and water that carries bacteria. You need a community to help you through it.

One of the challenges is that you aren’t the only one. There are thousands of families just like you. Even millions. You’re all in the same boat. Or, as they say in sub-Saharan Africa, you’re all under the same tree.


Under the Same Tree is a fantastic young nonprofit that is engaging all those problems for people in a holistic way. By partnering with the local church, they are bringing hope to various communities through sustainable solutions. Micro loans give people a chance to start or grow a business so they can provide for their families. Child sponsorships allow for students to attend school. Community initiatives surrounding health care, disease prevention, and clean water is provided. And it all happens in the context of the local church, where people receive eternal hope through the pure Gospel of helping the least of these.

46377_10152578543115260_113450802_nI met the folks behind Under the Same Tree a couple years back, and I was struck by their enthusiasm and commitment to the cause. They just got back from Kenya where they served alongside their partners for three months. And now The 25 Group is coming alongside them. All the money raised in our nonprofit for April, May, and June is going to Under the Same Tree to help them fund this fantastic ministry.

Now would be an excellent time to jump on board as a regular giver to The 25 Group. We give well over 95% of all that we raise straight to nonprofits who are doing work just like UTST all over the world. You can also learn more about David & Katie on the ministry website, Katie’s blog, or on the ministry Facebook page.

Here is a direct link to give. Thanks for caring for the least of these. By coming under the tree we can help our neighbors around the world. This is the shared spirit of The 25 Group and Under the Same Tree, and we are excited to link arms with them to see more people helped in meaningful, loving, Christ-centered ways.



One thought on “We’re All Under the Same Tree

  1. The needs are endless, but so is the love of God’s true followers who believe being a blessing to others in need is honor to the one true God. The same God who has blessed America so abundantly. Impacting even one life, is a blessing.

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