Teenagers spend (on average) over seven hours a day on their phone, tablet, or computer.  What are they doing all that time? Research shows they’re connecting. Click on the pic below to see what social media sites they are active on the most. Spoiler Alert: It’s not Google+


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Speaking of what they’re doing online, increasingly it’s on a mobile devices. My dude Brian Kolb passed on a link recently that passed out some tasty info on phone monitoring apps. Did you know that you’re a parent and get to know what’s on your kids’ phone? There are a lot of great tools at your disposal. Varying features and varying costs. Click the photo below for tons of helpful insight…and check out Brian’s blog for more great content.

uninstall net_nanny

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Can I have Controversial Subjects for $1000, Alex?

The conversation about homosexuality and the church usually alienates folks into two distinct camps. But there’s a third voice emerging and I think it’s an important one. I’m not sure I agree with everything being said in this piece, but it’s worth a read. Click the pic for a new way of framing the debate into, well, less of a debate.


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One thought on “How To Spy On Your Kid’s Phone Use (And Other Insightful Links)

  1. Would we still need to spy on our kids if Parents and Church taught high core morals and values?

    Would integrity be one of those values?

    What about honesty, or that commandment to “honor thy parents”? What really does honor thy parents mean in today’s fast paced world?

    Would giving them a flip phone so you can reach them (without a camera of course) help limit the exposure to sin?

    How about shutting off the TV and just connecting and sharing life? Is the pressure of this world so great that we parents resign to a few minutes each day with the kids? Here’s the hard facts on media influence of young children. http://www.socialmediatoday.com/content/effects-media-and-technology-young-children-us-infographic

    I know that all these hard questions based on positives are in direct opposition to the substantial peer pressure and the sinful world at large, but I believe teaching our children the right way to Walk in Christ is what Jesus said parents should do to Honor Him. So my question – after a number of years of mistakes as a parent resolves to simply this;

    Why do Christian Parents (I am counting me included) enable bad behavior and allow sin to exist in our home, the kids school, their neighborhood or for that matter the country?

    I don’t have the answer, but perhaps parents are too busy just trying to financially survive. I know I was. Yet some some parents actually do it. Some create model Christian kids. We all know of several examples. I sit, study and wonder “what did they know that I didn’t?”

    Now that my kids are gone, I believe they practice something I learned a few years back in business called “The Vital Behavior.” I’m sure they are not even aware such structure has a real name, but it does. If you want to know more, the PPT link below is bit heady, but just look at “slide 18” I believe. It’s a matrix defining a structure we could all learn from. Best of all, it works – and I believe it can be applied right there at home. If you read the book (which I did for work) you would be convinced also. You would immediately look for ways to practice it in a different manner. Listen, if it can change the hardened inmates of a prison with a 90% success rate, it can darn sure change the way we see the world of our kids. I only wish I knew of how to use it a whole lot sooner. Here’s that PPT:


    I did not mean to make this long, but lastly, Is it not our first job to protect the most precious gift God gave us from the sins of the world – until they have the maturity and strong character to protect themselves? I believe so, but protect sounds overarching and restrictive…maybe the better words would be to “teach – and in doing so we protect.”

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