I recently read a post about 18 Awesome Ways to Say Awesome. I didn’t resonate with most of them…and then I realized the website was British and it was slang from across the pond. Still, i wanted to post and point toward a few things that I just think are absolutely incredible right now. So whether you say “gradely” or “fizzing” or “jake,” like our British friends or you just think of stuff as “cool,” here are four things that are pretty fantastic that I think you should take time to check out.

The Ocean

A real shocker, I know. When’s the last time you met someone who didn’t like the ocean?

Spending some time at the beach this weekend before we head back to school on Monday. Absolutely love the ocean. It has a way of making you feel small and like you could do anything all at once. Like a lot of things that are really good for me, I find myself missing the beach after a while. We don’t go a ton…maybe 4-5 times a year. And Texas beaches aren’t exactly Jamaica, but there’s still wave sounds and seafood and a steady, soothing breeze.

I really, really like the ocean. A perfect natural soundtrack for some good reading.


Fast Company

3034007-slide-s-12-whats-the-difference-between-a-logo-and-a-symbolSpeaking of reading, I’m two issues behind on my Fast Company magazine. I don’t know how I fall behind…I can’t remember the last time I read a copy and thought it was a waste of my time. I always  learn something. I always put the issue down so I can write something down. There’s always something I read that I feel is tweet-worthy. Can’t get enough Fast Company. For ministry, for our nonprofit work, or just personally…it always brings home the bacon for me.



Man, bacon, ladies and gentlemen. I’ve started just leveling with waitresses…”Seriously…how much bacon can you give me right now and not get in trouble?” At a resort once I ordered a “plate of bacon” for breakfast. I once got a bacon cheeseburger with a half pound burger and a half pound of bacon. The only thing that would make bacon awesomer is if it cured a disease or something. Other than that, bacon has the Most Amazing Edible Thing prize pretty much sewn up. I had about 8 slices this morning for breakfast, in fact.

Way to go, bacon.

Andrew Peterson

aa30cc7d27d793c4432a2b8dc3507375_400x400He’s the best songwriter you’ve never heard of, and it’s high time you stopped not hearing of him. He also writes and speaks and does other awesome Jesus stuff. But his music, folks. You need to listen to it. Here’s a little somethin’ to get you started. Fair warning, once you get started it’s hard to get enough. I’ve been a fan for fifteen years and I still can’t quit. So, so good. So deep. So beautiful. So choice.

What are you loving these days?


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