The Holy Spirit is hard to pin down. He’s hard to explain. There’s a reason He’s the least-talked about person of the Trinity. This is my best shot at explaining what it means to walk by the Spirit. This is NOT 8 Ways to Walk By the Spirit…it’s just an honest wrestling with what it means to depend on God instead of our own wisdom.

3 thoughts on “Sermon: Walk By the Spirit

  1. This was a well prepared and well delivered explanation on the Holy Spirit Titus. It helped me see that God has provided each of us the tools to live a righteous life – even though we are not worthy of His abundant grace or worthy of the atonement provided by Jesus Christ – the only way to God.

    The mystery of God is also the mystery of how he made man with both free will and ability to choose being righteous or evil. How can men do such evil things to other men in the name of progress, peace, retribution, dominance, property, evil fun or to serve one of many idols across time including money, church and Allah? Surely, God lies not in their heart, but Satan does, whether conscious, or subconscious.

    Though as we see again and again, evil is here. God says he is already defeated, but he will not give up without a fight. That fight exists today and more is yet to come. We will likely see some of it in our lifetime – especially if Turkey, the last holdout, joins the other nine participants of Magog. The stage is set and players are ready. The king of the north and the king of the south have been chosen. Our charge is to prepare our hearts and be bold in our faith, being filled with the Holy Spirit to declare His victory before the fight begins.

    Perhaps the best thing we can do is ask God, through the Holy Spirit, to reveal His will to us with each decision. When we are in tune with God, you said we allow the Holy Spirit to guide us in all things. God enters our lives through the Holy Spirit contrasting our life. We declare by conviction of spirit and submission by faith that Jesus is our Lord. We are reborn anew, already found worthy of His grace and the abundant life He promises, not of wealth or acclimation, but of peace. We draw closer to God by making Him the priority in our life. The Holy Spirit keeps us on the right path and as your said, if we listen, we will not be deceived or falter in our path. The Holy Spirit as the dominant force in our life, shows us the way to being closer to God and it is this we seek in faith – for it’s not recognition or accomplishment that fills our most basic need – and that need is “absolution.”

    Again, great lesson.


  2. Titus, you did an Awesome job with this sermon. If you ever get tired of youth service you will be a great teaching pastor. Love and miss y’all.

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