shower to the people






It’s one of the most innovative and dignifying projects The 25 Group has ever partnered with, and I’m pumped about it. We’re nearing the end of our two-month campaign to help fund Shower to the People, a non-profit organization in Saint Louis taking hope to the streets in the form of a shower truck. Serving the 1300+ homeless men and women in the region, Shower to the People holds great promise as a difference-maker, and we need your help making it happen.

If you’re reading this, you can do one or two things to help.

  1. Share this post. Even if you can’t give, maybe someone else can. There are lots of “share” buttons below. Pick your favorite. There is a row of icons below this post…it’s that easy. Thanks!
  2. Donate if possible. The logo above will take you right to the giving page. Click it and make a donation of any amount. Thank you!

When February ends our campaign to assist Shower to the People will come to a close as well. I try not to clog the blog with appeals for giving too often, but I believe in what The 25 Group is doing to make less least of these all over the world, and I believe Shower to the People isn’t just cleaning off folks on the outside, they are giving dignity to strangers who become friends and have an opportunity for a fresh start on the inside, too, because of Jesus.

Thanks for giving and bringing power (and a shower) to the people.

One thought on “Shower (and Power) to the People

  1. Thank you for this reminder, Titus! With me now having joined the workforce, donating to more worthy causes can happen, and Shower to the People is gaining a Jan./Feb. donation from us.

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