I was 2006 when I stood by my wife at the kitchen sink and told her that I “needed” to write. I experimented with some articles for some periodicals. I self-published a book. Then, a few years ago, I decided to start blogging.

What you are reading right now is my 250th blog post. Some of you (hi, mom!) have been reading since the beginning. I’m grateful. And while this thing isn’t exactly Letterman or Friends, 250 seemed like the right time to take a trip down memory lane and maybe celebrate.

My first blog was all about me starting to blog. A creative approach for a first blog, no?

I write for the same reason I preach and do everything else — I want people to be challenged to think about Jesus. Not everything I write is about Jesus, I’ll grant you that, but people from over 100 countries have viewed content, including countries closed to the Gospel. This gets me pumped up. There is no way I could stand on a street in Saudi Arabia and preach the Gospel, but there are people in that nation with access to the Gospel via this silly little blog of mine (which is why if you’re on the fence about blogging, and you are a believer, you should totally do it).

My least-read blog post of all time (5 views!) was in the wake of a horrible natural disaster and tackled the question of why such things happen. My most-read blog ever was about the Disney movie Frozen and it’s hit song Let it Go, which caused the general public to go berserk and I even had one guy accuse me of spiritual abuse. We talked it out. We’re Facebook friends now. It’s all good.

All total, in 250 posts, there have been as many people view posts on TitusLive as live in the city of Honolulu. There are certainly better-trafficked blogs, but I am stoked that in a couple years this platform has taken the Gospel (mostly, and a little bit of nearly unreadable mush) to a group of people that size.

Screen shot 2016-02-08 at 2.01.39 PMI invited a mayor to lunch, reflected on my love for baseball, and talked about a bunch of dudes who were/are really important to me. I opined about cargo shorts, explored hypotheticals like “If I Were Satan,” and talked a lot about ministry. Above all, I talked about Jesus.

There’s this thing WordPress does called a tag cloud. Basically when I post a blog I indicate what I’m talking about within that blog. Here’s what my tag cloud looks like.

Personally, my favorite blogs include the one about my hometown, the one I wrote for my wife, and the series I did about my time in India.

I want to say thanks to those who have read along over the years. I really enjoy the dialogue, especially being able to stay connected to those who live far away. I also know that I’ve learned along the way, and am still learning. I’m sure I’ve hacked some folks off and made folks want to never read anything I write again.

I am thankful for all the comments, kind words, push-back, and grace you’ve demonstrated along the way. I want you all to know that blogging really is the exercise of learning out loud, and I have really valued learning together the past 250 posts.

Let’s continue the conversation, shall we?

One thought on “My 250th Blog Post

  1. Congratulations on your milestone … and on sending Christ’s message around the world! (My favorite part is probably “…and talked about a bunch of dudes who were/are really important to me.”)

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