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Alright, enough of the commercial. Now the list:





After hours of bible study, and in a cultural climate where there is a lot of discussion surrounding who should be welcome or not, who is morally qualified or not, who should be elected (or not), appointed (or not), hired (or not), or embraced (or not), I’ve curated a comprehensive list of all the people Jesus has said it was okay for us not to love, serve, forgive, and show mercy toward.

In other words, you have Scriptural permission to hate, cast out, demonize, distance yourself from, and hold grudges against all of the following fifty groups or individuals. You don’t have to be kind to them, serve them, or even associate with them. You have Biblical mandate to talk badly about them, condemn them, and wish failure upon them. Hyperventilate online about them. Scoff. Scorn. Scold. They’re all fair game–the whole list–according to the Lord.

Without further ado, here’s a comprehensive list of 50 Groups/Individuals Jesus Says You Can Hate:





















































“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven.” Jesus, Matthew 5:43-45, emphasis mine, but I think Jesus would be okay with it.

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201 thoughts on “50 Groups/Individuals Jesus Says You Can Hate

  1. Sorry people, I did not read through ALL the responses, I’ll admit. I believe the title of the article said all the people Jesus would allow us to HATE. Not judge, (or rather judge the sin of) according to the Word of God. My own adult daughter does not (as of now) attend church, read the bible, or approve of what believers believe in. She condones homosexuality, gay rights, etc believing that is how God made them. I don’t HATE her for her beliefs; does it grieve my soul? OF COURSE!! So what am I to do? Her mother (whom I was never married to) is not a believer. I sinned, and she was born out of wedlock, but that is the fight I had the whole time my daughter was a child, she fought me bringing her to church, belittled my faith, influenced my daughter to rebel against God. I don’t HATE her. I LOVE her, even though what she believes hurts me to my core. These people don’t need scripture spouted off to them. They need unconditional love. They need prayer above all else. What I read of the responses was wonderful, great references from the Word. But they don’t want to HEAR it. Pray for them from your inner room, without fanfare or telling them what they NEED. Wake up Christians, you do WAY MORE for somebody praying for them in secret than wagging your finger in their face. Thanks for the article, it was great. God bless you all ❤️💛💚💙

    1. So true! I always love WWJD but of late more of what would Jesus say. So much vitriol out there from my Christian friends 😢

    2. Duncan, If the author merely said “hate” then this would be true. We are not to “hate” anyone. However, The author went on to include about 10 other actions under the title of “hate” that don’t belong there. The problem with this post is further compounded by the judgements that are upon this nation in particular. We are not China. We are not India. We are not Tibet. We have our OWN unique national heritage in regards to how we respond, as a whole, to God. And our nation is a people who spout the phrase “don’t judge me” like it’s our anthem. Even professing Christians. We are a nation of people who, by and large, claim Christ, yet deny the majority of His instructions and commands. The Christians in this country do not need to hear (from a popular Christian author) don’t “scold”. They need to hear “rebuke with all longsuffering” This country does not need to hear “don’t condemn them” – they need to hear “pull from the fire with fear, hating even the garment defiled by the flesh” .They don’t need to hear, “don’t demonize” – They need to hear, “rebuke in the presence of all, so that the rest may stand in fear”. They don’t need to hear, “don’t associate with” – they need to hear “Do not be bound together with unbelievers”. They do not need to hear, “don’t cast out” – they need to hear, “Do not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler–not even to eat with such a one”

      These are the things that, as American Christians we need to be preaching and teaching. That doesn’t meant we should not help a person in need, or offer them assistance or work alongside them with kindness and gentleness. However, we need to stop associating “hate” with the call of Christians to speak truth in the face of lies. The call of Christians to call the sinners to repentance. And the call of Christians to rebuke, and exhort with all long suffering. By this authors words, he is justifying all those who condemn and persecute Christians who do the very thing that we are called to do as Christians. This author needs to be rebuked and all those who follow his lukewarm, modern church organization message.

      1. You make some good points there. If you knew me, you’d know I don’t have any trouble confronting sin. This blog was limited in it’s scope, for sure…most folks understood that. If you tried to build a whole theology out of it there would be weaknesses, no doubt. Thanks for reading and for the push back. Have a great Saturday.

      2. I’m no theologian but I like the “What did Jesus do.” Jesus did associate with sinners, He ate with prostitutes, tax collectors, liars, hipocrits and one of His own inner circle was a traitor. Hang in the Buddy, but I caution you to watch who you associate with. I would rather eat with the least of these than at a heartless church potluck that thought their sins smelled any better. I for one greatly appreciated the article in itself.

    3. titusjbenton, I understand what you are trying to say or get across, but we need to be sure, especially as an author who is publicly sharing their teachings, that we are biblically sound. We have an urgent calling as Christians to work out our salvation with fear and trembling ensuring that we are enduring to the end. Be ye separate and when God gives you a message for others, ensure it is measured against scripture in EVERY area before sharing it with the world – lest you cause a weaker brother to fall into sin. Be encouraged and exhorted. Always be willing to acknowledge your iniquities and God will continue to sanctify and direct you. Shalom

      1. The term “work out our salvation” is theologically incorrect. We work out nothing. God through his Messiah Jesus has completed our salvation. Only by the work of the Holy Spirit can we have faith. The Holy Spirit can be resisted even after we are exposed to the Word, but we have no work in it and can only accept faith or reject it. As Jesus said to his disciples when they thought it too difficult, God can do it. Rest at peace,Brothers and Sisters. All is in His hands.

    4. Don’t be discouraged my friend. I was raised my an Atheist Dad. He was a good man, a moral man but resistent to anything about God. I certainly understood his thinking and watched as he enjoyed wrestling with those who wanted to save his soul. I too proclaimed myself Atheist. However, around 28, I became a Born Again Christian. My Dad was not a happy camper to say the least. I prayed for him, and lived the message (best I could) instead of saying much about my Christian walk. Long story short, and many years later, My Dad turned his life over to Jesus. Dad asked me to Baptize him and my Mother in the Ouachita River, where I also Baptized my Brother the same day. I was so honored and never could have imagined the goodness of God until the day. ❤ My Dad's comment after his Baptizing was, "I hope I didn't turn any young folks away from God by my actions as an Atheist." Thank you for this wonderful post!! I was ready to comment as I read the message with What Jesus said about Hate… I am so pleased with the outcome and will share it on my page. 🙂 wow!! I will pray for your Daughter and all who you love dear one, knowing "NOTHING IS TO BIG FOR FATHER GOD!" He will draw them by his Spirit as he did my own family. ❤

      1. Thank you so much Kathy, for your prayers. I pray that God will lead someone to my daughter to challenge her views in a way that I can’t as her father. I think that as she gets older, she is realizing that I’m not as stupid as she used to think I was lol. I love that saying: “The older I get, the smarter my parents get”. Which is sooo true. God is so good, and he allows us to fall into circumstances for a reason. We can either become bitter and resentful about it, or allow it to make us stronger and more like Him. I heard from a friend who just spent 3 months preaching in Africa that “The same God who can calm the storm, is the same God who allowed the storm in the first place.” I’ve had way more sucess with people praying for them in secret, than I ever had telling them what they NEED TO DO. Be blessed, thanks for prayers!!

  2. “list of 50 Groups/Individuals Jesus Says You Can Hate” is a false statement, and is not biblical.
    And useing lies to get one’s attention, is also not biblical…

    1. It is not false. It has 50 entries, and each entry is a group Jesus says you can hate. As Jesus never said you can hate anyone, each entry will necessarily be a null value. Though seemingly implied, it doesn’t actually state that each entry would be unique, and so, the fact that it is a list of duplicates does not make it false. It is possible that someone may read the statement and actually assume the list would have non-null values, so it may be a misleading statement, but it is definitely not false.

  3. A friend told me to take a look at your site….she felt this will help me. Looking at many options I really like the Emergent Religion way of thinking….is your website like that? thanks

    1. Jeff, it says Jesus did not come to abolish the law but to correctly interpret it (fulfill it). IF HE is the Word as John says was then that is OT and NT; Also, when Paul states in Timothy that ALL scripture is God-breathed and useful for teaching, rebuking and correcting…the NT wasn’t gathered together as it is today…all they had was the OT…consider that possibly and study so your statements can be one of a workman approved by God.

      1. Hey there! Just a thought… You are correct in pointing out that Jesus did not come to abolish the law, rather fulfill it. In doing so, several things changed. We do not stone homosexuals, adulterers, put out our eyes, and so on. We are in an age of forgiveness and grace. So, Leviticus doesn’t apply as it did back then as it has been satisfied by Christs sacrifice. I think that is what Jeff was trying to say. Have a great day my brother and keep up the studying of His Word! I also love apologetics and correctly interpreting Scripture.

    2. You mean the hygeine regulations for life in the desert without any modern conveniences? Yeah, I read it. I don’t live by it because I don’t live in the desert, and I do have soap, hot running water, a washing machine and a fridge.

  4. For far too many people who call themselves “Christians”, WWJD translates to: who would jesus destroy?

    I’ve seen entirely too much hate coming from people who call themselves “christian”.

    1. People often confuse hate with things that are not hateful. Remember, the people killed Jesus because He testified that their deeds were evil as the bible tells us. And the goodness of God is displayed in many ways. It is displayed in his just anger against sin and unrighteousness. God’s goodness brings kings and kingdoms alike to naught. God’s goodness will cast the ungodly into hell for all of eternity. When we understand that goodness does not equate with silence in the face of wickedness, then we can better spread the true gospel of Jesus Christ. When we reject sin and take a stand against it, we take the same stance that God takes toward sin. We become God’s image here on earth. This IS love. Jesus offers us a propitiation for our sin, but in order to receive that propitiation we must die to ourselves and be converted by our faith. We are transformed and become a new creation that walks in the spirit, denying the works of the flesh. When we preach repentance of sins to the unbeliever, we preach the same message as Christ, “Go and sin no more” On some we save with compassion making a distinction, while others we save with fear, pulling them from the fire hating even the garment defiled by the flesh. (Jude) Repentance preached to the justifier of sin, grace preached to the humble and contrite. All too many professing Christians want to follow Jesus, yet take themselves along. But Jesus says if you want to follow him, you must leave yourself behind. You must leave your vices, your sin, your lusts and any other earthly thing that you cling to so that you can cling to Jesus. When professing Christians walk in evident and unrepentant ungodliness and then tell true Christians that they are hateful for preaching the very things that Jesus taught, the Word tells us that their deeds demonstrate that their belief is not genuine. We need to test the spirits according to the scriptures and acknowledge when there is anything in our thinking, or teaching or actions that do not line up with God’s Word.

  5. So many throw OT in your face. You say these are NT times and Jesus came to forgive us and we are to do the same. They may miss their chance at Heaven, but we plant the seed for them to be on their way to it.

      1. She has good reasons not to believe in a book filled with superstitions, cruelty, and absurdities. This Jesus in the bible never existed, and I’m glad for her she is a free thinker.

      2. Never existed? If you don’t want to believe He’s God, I think you’ll find some company. Not too many folks will insist Jesus never even existed. Thanks for reading, but I think you’re off base there.

  6. I agree with many posters here.

    The Gospels are actually quite complex–including chock-a-block full of superstitious nonsense, which isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, as writ goes.

    At any rate, this piece is a bit sophomoric.

  7. I was about to say quite firmly, that Jesus never gave us permission to hate! But of course that was the whole point and I loved it!

  8. The only commandment Jesus ever gave was “Love one another.” (John 13:34)
    As for “judging”, there is this; ““Do not judge, or you too will be judged. 2 For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” (Matthew 7:1-2)
    This is an outright ban on judging others. Only God has that right.
    If you can’t love and refrain from judgment then you need to spend some serious knee time.

    1. Cait, I’m not sure what you mean when you say, “the only commandment…” There are literally dozens of commandments that Jesus gives. For starters, his first commandment was “repent…” and his last commandment was “make disciples”. It’s a big one, but it’s far from the only one. You even listed a second commandment – “judge not”. Just because it’s stated in the negative doesn’t make it not a commandment.

  9. I suggest the following:
    There are two kinds of hate.
    The absolute hatred of sin that is the domain of God.
    How we aught to feel about unmitigated evil. It is ok to hate the dictator who ate children, keeping their flesh fresh by storing it in his refrigerator. If we do not hate such evil we are not on the same wavelength of the God who ordered His people to destroy nations that sacrificed children.We must be careful what we hate and alway error against it.
    As a side note Jesus condemned people when they are angry without a cause in the Sermon on the Mount.
    There is a difference between my enemies and the enemies of society or the enemies of our nation. It is foolishness to suggest we love Hitler or the dictator I described above (such an evil man was dicator of an African nation).
    Vengeance is not mine but justice is an obligation.
    We must condemn the wicked.

    1. Love the sinners but hate the sin. If the above mentioned persons turned to God and asked for forgiveness would they be denied? Should they be denied? If you answers yes to any of these questions you need to go back to the bible( An suggestion: the lost son who’s coming back) and get down on your knees, because if there isn’t hope for them none in the western world has a chance to come into heaven. It’s all about the love and the mercy of a loving parent who not wishes the children to go astray, hence is it not up to us too judge who is going where but help one another to keep on the right path, trying our best to do the right things. Wwj- do, say, think, buy, sell, give, take…

  10. Raised Lutheren, have seen what church haters can do…and what good people can do despite the church. Not a big fan of quoting bible to justify actions, you shouldn’t have to do that. Being kind to humans shouldn’t be a religious allowance. Claiming one flavor of god worship justifies ostracizing someone is just horribly backward, ignorant thinking. Homosexuals, transsexuals, blacks, jews, muslims….none of these groups should be victimized through hatred your god. But it happens every single day. Religion itself can be evil. But the religious folks will hang on, and claim it isn’t so while openly wishing harm to people unlike themselves. We are regressing over time, not evolving. Sad. This article was a good one, and I appreciate the intent. But it may be lost on most.

    1. Your comment “quoting bible to justify actions” caught my eye. In general, I agree, but where does morality come from? Where do these “kind” people (Christians and non-Christians) get their direction – from within? Should Christians remain idle and not acknowledge the Holy Spirit at work?

  11. I think that nowadays, most people who claim to follow Christ’s teachings would say, “hey we don’t ‘hate’ Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Women, Immigrants, LGBT, … no we don’t hate them, we just want to change them into our own immage.”

  12. Given all the things that I have enduring in the name of religion, belief, and God, you’ll hopefully forgive me (like Christ) for actively avoiding everything associated with it.

    I get that religious sects must perpetuate themselves in a culture that is rapidly evolving away from the need for mysticism and fear, and thus must adapt and modernize it’s presentation and messages to ensure it remains palatable. But if hell really is filled with all the amazing, kind, generous, caring people who wont repent for their ‘sins’, and heaven really is filled with all the vindictive, self-righteous, ‘justified’ folk who have to remind everyone of how sinful they are… I really think i would rather spent this farcicle notion of eternity in hell with those folks.

  13. Jesus said turn from sin. And he gave the apostles the power to absolve people of their sins.

    BUT he did not pronounce any action to no longer be sinful that had already been regarded as a sin.

  14. Red spiritual flags went up immediately went up when I saw this, I totally get the intention of it, but I still think it is not something we should post. I know many non believers, (my wife and I are big into evangelism) and I feel they would not continue to read far enough into the post to even see the end. All they would see is Christian’s hate. Pray about this, I think the Holy Spirit will show you the truth in it.
    Humbly submitted. Paul

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