So far this year, I’ve had the chance to preach in nearly every country on the planet.

Some of them were countries that are pretty closed to the Gospel — places like Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Burma, and Pakistan. But I quoted Scripture to people there, and told them a little bit about Jesus.

I’m not kidding. Here’s a map of all the places I’ve been able to share the Gospel in 2016 so far:





If you haven’t caught on yet, I did not visit all these countries, but my words did. That’s the power of the internet. This is a map of all the places that blog posts have traveled so far this year (mostly thanks to this post).

But big deal, right? Congrats, Mr. Big Shot Bloggy Pants, you may be thinking. Who cares how many countries read a blog?

Well…I care, actually.

The more I reflected on it, the more I really care.

Someone in Pakistan read a passage of Scripture about how Jesus loves them.

Someone in Burma got the same message. Same for Russia and Canada and Australia.

Someone visited my blog from Greenland, for crying out loud.

Sure, all these people in far off places may have clicked on a post, thought nothing of it, and moved on. But who knows how God might use the foolishness of blogging to advance his Kingdom.

What’s the take away?

Well, it occurs to me that I need a better marketing strategy for Turkmenistan. No readers there as of yet.

But seriously…the real take away is this:

If you feel the urge to write, write. So what if you’re not that good (I’m not) or widely read most of the time (I’m not) or don’t post regularly (I don’t always). If you share your story, you never know what will resonate with folks.

And you never know who will read it, or from where.

And you never know how that might change someone’s story.

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