For the month of January, I’m taking a break.

I’m preaching at my church on New Year’s Day, then I’m going to walk out the door and tune out of vocational ministry, blogging, social media, etc. It’s a sabbatical of sorts, something I’ve never done in 17 years of church work. It’s overdue. My church and my leaders there have been gracious to allow it.

I’m really looking forward to it.

I’ll be reading a lot, praying a lot, resting a lot, and thinking a lot (as well as doing some work around the house, and, let’s be honest, watching my fair share of Netflix). I’ve got some coaching and counseling lined up. We’re going to take a little family getaway, Good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

I’ll get some extra time with my kids and wife. I’ll re-connect with some friends I don’t talk to enough. It’s going to be fantastic. For a guy who acts like he’s never stressed out and everything is fine, I go a little hard and have too many plates spinning from time to time.

(Okay, pretty much all the time.)

Things are okay…I’m not on the verge of a nervous breakdown or anything. But why wait until then to do something like this?

Church work, nonprofit work, writing and side stuff….it’s all good. But in all these areas, I need to refuel my tank. I need to work on myself a bit. I need to step back, take a breath, and gain some perspective in my walk with Jesus, and make sure that’s what’s getting the most attention and not ministry pursuits.

So I’m taking January off — totally.

I’ll write some (because that’s how I process), and you might read some of it someday, but you won’t read it during January. I won’t post to the blog. I won’t post on Facebook. I won’t post on Twitter. Don’t worry, I’m not dead. Just backing off.

I’ll check private messages and personal e-mail, but not work related stuff.

In other words, I’m un-burning my toast.

Have a great start to the New Year. I will.

See you in February!




4 thoughts on “Unburning My Toast

  1. Great decision! Even Jesus needed to get away from it all when He walked this earth. Why do we think we are stronger than Jesus? Enjoy your sabbatical and Happy New Year!

  2. What a great way to start the new year! My pastor takes one every year during the month of August to reflect and plan for the coming year. I think it is necessary and so vital to your spiritual health! Enjoy!

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