I have found an innovative, sustainable solution to a problem you didn’t know people had.

Did you know over 2 billion people suffer from soil-transmitted diseases and parasites? Did you know that many of these diseases are transmitted because people don’t have shoes to wear? Did you know over 300 million children in the world did not have any shoes at all, and countless others don’t have shoes that fit?  When a kid doesn’t have shoes, they get hurt easier. They get sick. They miss school.

They miss out.

Our nonprofit organization, The 25 Group, heard about The Shoe That Grows and wanted to help out. So in April, we’re raising money. Our hope is to send enough money to The Shoe That Grows at the end of the month to pay for 200 pair of shoes. Each pair costs $15, is adjustable up to five sizes and lasts for up to five years. In this way, a child can be gifted with a single pair at a fixed costmeaning they don’t require another pair (and they don’t have to do without) as they grow out of the shoe.

The shoe grows with them.

This is a no-brainer project. All of us can afford $15. If you already give every month, thank you! Your gift is going toward this worthy cause. But if you don’t, this would be a great month to get on board. By giving $15, $25, or $50 a month, you’ll help us reach our goal of 200 pair of shoes this month, and help us reach all of our other goals in the months to come — providing food to the hungry, water for the thirsty, help for the sick, and more.

Even shoes for the shoeless.

It takes two minutes to sign up to give a one-time or recurring gift. My challenge is that everyone who reads this give $15. Just so you know, I’m not exempt. I’ll be donating enough to buy ten pair. Join us.

Thanks for putting shoes on the feet of kids who don’t have any, for agreeing with us that this isn’t okay.

One thought on “Feet of Strength

  1. I was thinking how my wife has 300 million shoes!

    I will send her a link to your post.

    This sounds like a good thing. Thanx for sharing.


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