Sweet Heat Jam Company is not yet widely known outside Katy, Texas. But if you live here and don’t know about it — well, you need to get with the program.

Founded in 2011, these handcrafted all-natural jams are DELICIOUS. A wonderfully wacky combination of smoke and sweet, the peppers and the fruit combine to create a unique flavor. Better yet they’re healthy! You can enjoy this versatile spread with gluten-free, fat-free, guilt-free indulgence. It’s just a great product.



A delicious, healthy food — that’s good news, fit for a Good News Friday! But that’s not really the good news. Not all of it, at least. The jam is delicious.

But the jam’s story is even better.

Nolan Stillwell is the creator of Sweet Heat Jam. He is an entrepreneur, a culinary artist, and a kind-hearted dude who happens to have Down’s Syndrome. I know Nolan. He often greets me at church and gives me a big hug. He is a treat to be around. He loves basketball, Jesus, and prepping jam like a boss. He not only started a company, he also employs other students with special needs. I mean…c’mon. Seriously? I could go on and on.

But rather than tell you his story, I thought I’d let him do it.

I encourage you to watch this video as you head into the weekend, and I’d also encourage you to treat yourself to some Sweet Heat! You won’t regret doing either one, I promise.



This probably goes without saying, but I just want to be clear that this is not an ad. The Stillwell family doesn’t know I’m writing this. I just believe in what they’re doing and love Nolan a lot.



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