I write about what I want to write about. Usually it has to do with Jesus, culture, the church. But, as you can see, not always those things. Here are my 7 Most Read Blogs.

Other people liked them…maybe you will too.

  1. 50 Groups/Individuals Jesus Says You Can Hate (Also my most click-bait-y)
  2. One Dad’s Thoughts on Frozen’s Smash Hit “Let it Go” (Got called a spiritual abuser for this one)
  3. An Open Letter to Houston Mayor Annise Parker from a Pastor (Written during the bathroom wars)
  4. Growing Up in the Middle of Nowhere (An homage to my hometown read by more people than live in my hometown)
  5. A Dangerous New Christian Trinity (This one got me in some hot water with a former employer)
  6. Surrendering the American Dream (The one that turned into a book and a nonprofit)
  7. Everyone is Getting the Ferguson Story Wrong (The least read of the seven, but maybe the best one of the bunch)


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