I grew up in a small town in Missouri that I miss a ton and hardly ever get to go back to. Since leaving to attend Bible College in St. Louis, I’ve served in small, medium, and large congregations in sleepy little towns (i.e., Moweaqua, Illinois: pop. 2,000) and in crowded urban centers (Houston, Texas: pop. 2 million plus). No matter where I am, the reason I am sucking air is to preach the Gospel. Whether I’m speaking, writing, or helping the least of these, my life goal is to get people thinking about Jesus. By God’s grace, I’ve had the opportunity to do just that in the United States, Mexico, the Dominican Republic and India.

I graduated from St. Louis Christian College with a degree in Bible and Youth Ministry in 2003 and then from Lincoln Christian University with an MA in Church History/Historical Theology.  I got the chance to author two books, including the 2012 self-published title, A Conversational Commentary, a book that fetched me a nod from The Houston Chronicle, Katy Christian Magazine, and The Salem News. I get to contribute and advise at http://www.teensundayschool.com, an online resource company for ministries around the globe. In addition, I’ve contributed to Immerse Journal, http://www.relevantmagazine.com, and The Journal of Student Ministries. I’ve had the honor to speak at a variety of camps and conferences, leadership retreats, and serve as adjunct professor for St. Louis Christian College.

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about those who do without and lose hope for the life to come because of their hopelessness in this life. My wife and I have talked a lot about how to do more for the least of these and obey Jesus’ call from Matthew 25. So we started a nonprofit called The 25 Group and are attempting to leverage the wealth in the American church to fund global Kingdom work. You can find out more about The 25 Group on Facebook or Twitter or at the tab on this blog. Your gift of $25/month would go a long way in helping us achieve our mission, and you can give right here. It only takes a couple minutes to sign up and if you’re like most people, you’ll not miss the twenty-five bucks.

Without a doubt, my greatest accomplishment and personal joy is being the husband of Kari and the daddy of Nora and Malachi. I’ve been going at that for over a decade with no plans of slowing down any time soon.

I love watching Charlie Rose, cheering for the St. Louis Cardinals, and eating Mesquite BBQ chips. Any day I get to drink some good stout coffee, eat some beef, and preach the gospel is a good day.

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  1. Titus,
    I don’t know of another way to contact you. Our last newsletter to you at the 1st Chr. Ch. address was returned. Do you wish to continue receiving the snail mail publications? If so, what is your new address? If not, that is okay.

    We do send e-news about 6 times a year. If you would like to receive that, could we have a current e-mail address?

    I have enjoyed reading your posts. Jan Farthing forwards them.

    God bless your new adventure…Becky Colvin

  2. I really appreciate and agree with your views on the anthem to Frozen. Would you consider rewording that in a “letter to girls/teens”? I would like my girls to consider this point of view, but I believe that they would be more likely to “hear” this message if it came from an outside source (you!). Thanks for considering it!

  3. Appreciate your letter to Mayor Parker. We are native Houstonians, and live in Houston, near Katy. Will be praying for you, your family, your ministry. Hope she takes you up on the Lupe Tortilla dinner. We love Lupe, too:) May God’s blessing continue to flow from you.

    1. Great point that others have brought up as well. I view that passage (which I thought of when writing) as a build up to the mandate to hate “even our own lives.” I think that was instruction on how to view our own identity in light of Christ, not a command to hate other people. So I think that’s absolutely true…we sacrifice to be disciples. The limits of this blog were on loving perceived enemies. Thanks for reading and for the dialogue! Have a great day!

      1. You are wrong to Judge people because of who they are being gay being a sin 1 John 4:11 Beloved If God loves us then we ought to love one another like in the gospels the greatest commandment, how do you get to heaven? love the lord with all your heart all your soul and mind and love one another as i have loved you Matthew 7: 1-2 Judge not and ye not be judged for with judgement ye judged, ye shall be judged, for what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again, who are we to judge God will judge us on judgement day and judge us on how we judged others on our time on earth like no one is perfect, but god is perfect, jesus wasn’t perfect. he could have told his mother mary he was going to his fathers house and he was going to return at a certain time, but when he returned he said did you not know i was at my fathers house. so we must love all groups LGBT, Disabled, whites,blacks, all races, ages, nationalities, origins, etc.

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