One of my core values is making a difference, and I’ve spent my entire adult life attempting to do this in the nonprofit sector. I did this while serving as a pastor in the local church, as a nonprofit founder, an executive director, a board member, and a consultant.

There is no better conduit for change — seeing greater justice come and more people thriving — than through generosity toward and collaboration with nonprofit organizations. As a nonprofit founder and justice advocate I have had the great privilege to help over 30 organizations in nearly 20 countries reach more people, grow their impact, and innovate in their strategic plan.

— Founder of The 25 Group
— Past Board Member of Hope Impacts
— Founder of DoGooders
— Former Executive Director of Clothed By Faith
— Consultant to Nonprofits

24 thoughts on “Nonprofit Leadership

  1. Sounds like an exciting new venture. How will you be selecting the projects and mission efforts you will be blessing through the gifts you raise? I’d love to hear more. . .

    1. Hey Kent! Thanks for the note. I don’t think we’ve met, but I bet we’ve got some mutual friends. Generally, we have a good idea of the projects we’ll be funding in the first stage. As we grow, we’ll probably have some sort of application–simple, but enough to vet organizations and find out if they are a mission match. We will pay special attention to needs that are congruous with the needs mentioned in Matthew 25. Shoot me an e-mail or a FB message if you’d like to talk more.


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