In August, 2020 I filed to run as an independent, write-in candidate for Texas State House of Representatives for District 132. Weary from divisive rhetoric and partisanship, I strongly believe there’s a better path forward toward health, happiness, and wholeness. It was a last-second candidacy, but I was eager to learn what I didn’t know about running for office.

I didn’t view this as a shift into the political sector, but rather a continuation of what I have always done — public service. In times of crisis like the ones in which we now live, I think people who claim to follow Jesus are mandated to act on behalf of the most vulnerable, and to do so with a tone and value set unique to Christ followers.

I was not successful in 2020 (with seven weeks and two thousand bucks I didn’t expect to be), but I have begun the process of considering future candidacy, and in the meantime will be writing and thinking about politics on this website and on my Facebook page.