#GripBook is Here

I’m geeking out over this, you guys. Like Sheldon style.

Today, in fact, right this very instant, my new book Grip has hit e-shelves, if e-shelves are even a thing. You can get a copy right here on my personal CreateSpace store or on Amazon (soon!). The best news is that when you purchase your copy you’re making a big difference. All my profits are going to The 25 Group, a nonprofit my wife and I started this year to leverage wealth to do good all over the globe. An all first week’s profits will go specifically to provide aid to persecuted Christians in Iraq. So feel good clicking “Add to Cart.”


This project has been a real joy all along. It’s not a new take, necessarily. The aim of the book is to inspire greater generosity in all of us, a task many projects have undertaken over the past few years. What I think is fresh is it’s tone of voice and the ease of the read. I honestly believe anyone could pick up this book, consume it in a few hours, and be moved to do something. 

So here’s the disclaimer:

Don’t buy this book if you’re cool with the status quo, the way things are, and sitting on your hands. I think after you read this book, you’re going to want to change some stuff about the way you live. Not because you’ve gotten a guilt-inducing tongue lashing, but because it just makes sense to do some course correction in the way you view wealth, poverty, and the call on all our lives (especially believers in Jesus Christ) to be a blessing to those who are marginalized.

If you do buy the book, I’d love to hear from you:

1. Tweet at me! Instagram a pic when it arrives in the mail. Tweet quotes that stick out. Use the hashtag #GripBook to help spread the word on social media.

2. Post a review over at Amazon. Reviews help move the product to the top of the page on searches. I’d love for people other than my close friends to get a hold of this book, because I think it’s useful for everyone. So please let me know what you thought — good and bad.

3. Buy a second copy to give to a friend. Again, all my profits are going to The 25 Group. I’m not gaining financially from this project at all.

4. Share the link to purchase as a personal recommendation to friends. By sharing the CreateSpace link instead of Amazon, the profit margin is higher and more goes to the nonprofit work. But you can share the Amazon link if you prefer, especially if you want people to find the Kindle edition.

Thanks in advance for making Grip: Let Loose, Dig Deep, and Take Hold a part of your personal library, and for helping us spread the word. I truly believe this book can change lives.

I know writing it has changed mine.