Book Review: God Where Are You?


My friend Susan wrote a book, and it’s terrific.

The story itself traces the journey of Maggie the Mouse as she tries to find God. She visits all her favorite places — a waterfall, a meadow, a brook, and a cliff. After an exhausting day of searching she is, at first, discouraged that she never found God. But upon reflection, she realizes that she did find God, because God is everywhere.

Stuffy theologians may quibble with the idea that God is everywhere, not because He’s not but because that can come off sounding a little pantheistic. To that I would counter two-fold:

First, God being everywhere does not mean that everywhere is God. The author clearly makes that distinction. Second, this is a children’s book, not a systematic treatment of historical theology, so lighten up. For me, I love the idea that after reading this a child may be prompted to notice God and talk with Him in all of their favorite places — their tree house, their bedroom, or as they attack an ice cream with glee.

The story is well written, just the right length for bed time, and one I really believe children will enjoy. I had my own kids read it (8 and 11), and both of them verify that thesis. There are also some winks to adults — truths wrapped in a children’s tale that you never grow too old to hear. At each stop, for example, Maggie doesn’t really “see anything different” or she “never noticed” the beauty in her favorite places. It’s a reminder to more mature audiences to slow down and take in the wonder of God instead of being pounded with constant distraction.

I also really appreciate that Maggie’s search happens in the context of community. She is joined by various friends and even family members along the way. Whether this is intentional or not I can’t say, but I believe it paints a more accurate picture of all of our journeys — we do not journey alone.

On top of it all, I can say with 100% conviction that this story is composed by a genuine, generous individual who felt called by God to write this book. If you are still grasping for reasons to purchase your own copy or share this title with a friend, allow my hearty recommendation of the author’s character, on top of her skillful composition, to be the endorsement that tips the scales.

God, Where Are You is a question we’ve all asked at one point or another. Whether it was as a child performing a physical search in all your favorite places and coming up “empty”, or as an adult struggling through a trial and yearning to feel God’s presence, the question’s answer is as beautiful as it is straightforward:

He’s been with you all along.